Before being able to access the virtual machine you must have completed the installation process. Once the virtual machine in the Azure Marketplace has been used to create an Azure VM instance in Azure it is possible to access the filesystem of the Azure VM instance via SSH.

Azure Access Instructions

The only access to the IoT Bridge system is via SSH. As part of of the Azure VM instance provisioning process a 'keypair' is associated with the instance. This is something that is available during the keypair creation process and can not be retrieved after the initial creation so make sure to save it. To access the instance, you will need the following pieces of information.

Username: <user_specified_at_deployment>
Private key: <user_created_at_deployment>
SSH port: 22

In addition to the above information, you must make sure the SSH port (22) is open for inbound connections in the network settings you have associated with the Azure VM instance you have created.

There is nothing unique about connecting to a IoT Bridge instance over any other other Microsoft Ubuntu based VM instance. Microsoft provides detailed instructions on this process of connecting via SSH and SCP ***here*** if you are unfamiliar with it.

Files of Interest

The following shows the files that are likely of most interest with regard to IoT Bridge functionality:

# This is the core configuration file where IoT Bridge for Azure and MQTT Server configuration is performed - details can be found here/opt/ibaz/conf/

# This is the log file directory. Cirrus Link support may ask for these files to resolve configuration, connectivity, or other issues

# For support tickets and debugging purposes Cirrus Link support may ask you to make modifications to this file on occasion

# This starts the IoT Bridge service - note the service starts automatically on boot so using this script directly is only generally need for manual stop/start/restart and/or debugging
sudo systemctl start ibaz

# This stops the IoT Bridge service
sudo systemctl stop ibaz

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