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Before being able to install and set up IoT Bridge you must have an Azure account. If you do not already have one you can create one here.


This process covers installing the IoT Bridge for Azure into an Azure subscription as an VM instance.

IoT Bridge Installation

Select the IoT Bridge for Azure from the Azure Marketplace.

Select Get It Now and then follow the steps in the wizard to create and deploy the VM.

After the Azure VM Infrastructure has been deployed via the Azure Marketplace 1-click procedure, the application must be configured. In order to configure the application you must be able to access the VM instance via SSH. Information on accessing the VM instance via SSH can be found here

Reference Documentation

The IoT Bridge Quickstart Guide covers end to end setup of IoT Bridge including Edge setup and seeing data in Azure Digital Twins.

The IoT Bridge Configuration Reference covers configuration options for the IoT Bridge VM instance.

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