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Configuration Options

IoT Bridge for Azure is configured with a configuration file on the filesystem of the Azure VM instance. If you are unfamiliar with how to access the instance see this page for instructions.

After modifying the configuration the application must be restarted. This can be done with the following command.

sudo /etc/init.d/ibaz restart

The path to the configuration file is:


Valid characters include the following characters: A-Z a-z 0-9 - . +% _ # * ? ! ( ) , = @ $

Once you open the file, you will see the following options:

# A unique name for this IBAZ instance
# Name must be less than 99 characters
ibaz_instance_name = name

# Domain
# For example a domain of, configure as cirruslink
domain = domain

# The tenant ID of the application
# Set to your Azure Active Directory > App registrations > Application > Directory (tenant) ID
tenant_id = tenant_id

# The client ID of the application
# Set to your Azure Active Directory > App registrations > Application > Application (client) ID
app_client_id = app_client_id

# The secret value for the AAD application
# Set to your Azure Active Directory > App registrations > Application > Certificates & secrets > Value
client_secret = client_secret

# ADT Endpoint
# Set to your Azure Digital Twins service instance > Host name prefixed with https://
adt_endpoint = endpoint

# The MQTT Server URL. This should include the public IP address of the Server.
mqtt_server_url = tcp://

# The MQTT Server name
mqtt_server_name = Local MQTT Server

# The MQTT username (if required by the MQTT Server)
mqtt_username = admin

# The MQTT password (if required by the MQTT Server)
mqtt_password = changeme

# The MQTT keep-alive timeout in seconds
#mqtt_keepalive_timeout = 30

# The path to the TLS Certificate Authority certificate chain
#mqtt_ca_cert_chain_path = /opt/ibaz/conf/certs/

# The path to the TLS certificate
#mqtt_client_cert_path = /opt/ibaz/conf/certs/

# The path to the TLS private key
#mqtt_client_private_key_path = /opt/ibaz/conf/certs/

# The TLS private key password
#mqtt_client_private_key_password =

# Whether or not to verify the hostname against the server certificate
#mqtt_verify_hostname = false

# Whether or not to block auto-rebirth requests
#block_auto_rebirth = false

# The primary host ID if this is the acting primary host
#primary_host_id =

# The MQTT Client ID - It is recommend to not set this unless there is a specific reason to do so. If this is not set a random client ID will be automatically generated
#client_id =

# The maximum amount of time (ms) to wait for a Sparkplug BIRTH message to finish processing (default 30 min)
#max_birth_processing_time = 108000000

# The amount of time (ms) to wait/delay after a Sparkplug DBIRTH is received to allow for processing
birth_processing_wait_time = 100

# The interval (ms) to check if a Sparkplug NBIRTH has finished processing (default 100 ms)
#birth_processing_check_interval = 100

# String and character conversion
# Note: for space characters use \u00A0
string_convert_0_source = \u00A0
string_convert_0_replacement = _
string_convert_0_regex = false

Configuration Examples

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