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Cirrus Link's Ignition Modules can be downloaded here:

The modules are built to work with specific versions of Ignition.  The following table shows which modules versions are recommended for each version of Ignition.

Cirrus Link Module Version

AWS InjectorAzure InjectorEFM Emerson ROCOpto 22 groov EPIC & SNAP PAC DriverMQTT DistributorMQTT EngineMQTT TransmissionMQTT Remote ManagementMQTT Recorder
Ignition v7.9.12v3.4.8v3.4.8v3.4.8v3.4.8v3.4.8v3.4.8v3.4.8v3.4.8v3.4.8
Ignition v7.9.10v3.4.6v3.4.6v3.4.6-beta2v3.4.6v3.4.6v3.4.6v3.4.6v3.4.6v3.4.6-beta2
Ignition v7.9.9v3.4.4v3.4.4v3.4.4-betav3.4.4v3.4.4v3.4.4v3.4.4v3.4.4v3.4.4-beta
Ignition v7.9.8v3.4.4v3.4.4Xv3.4.4v3.4.4v3.4.4v3.4.4v3.4.4X
Ignition v7.9.7v3.4.4v3.4.4Xv3.4.4v3.4.4v3.4.4v3.4.4v3.4.4X
Ignition v7.9.6v3.4.3v3.4.3Xv3.4.3v3.4.3v3.4.3v3.4.3v3.4.3X
Ignition v7.9.5v3.3.3v3.3.3Xv3.3.3v3.3.3v3.3.3v3.3.3XX
Ignition v7.9.4v3.3.2v3.3.2Xv3.3.2v3.3.2v3.3.2v3.3.2XX
Ignition v7.9.3XXXXv3.2.2v3.2.2v3.2.2XX
Ignition v7.9.2XXXXv3.2.0v3.2.0v3.2.0XX
Ignition v7.9.1X XX Xv3.1.1v3.1.1v3.1.1XX
Ignition v7.9.0XXXXv3.0.2v3.0.2v3.0.2XX
Ignition v7.8.5 X XX Xv2.1.1v2.1.1v2.1.1XX
Ignition v7.8.4XXXXv2.1.1v2.1.1v2.1.1XX
Ignition v7.8.3XXXXv2.1.1v2.1.1v2.1.1XX
Ignition v7.8.2XXXXv2.1.1v2.1.1v2.1.1XX
Ignition v7.8.1XXXXv2.1.1v2.1.1v2.1.1XX
Ignition v7.8.0XXXXv2.1.1v2.1.1v2.1.1XX
Ignition v7.7.8XXXXv2.1.1v2.1.1v2.1.1XX
Ignition v7.7.7XXXXv2.1.1v2.1.1v2.1.1XX

Inductive Automation has a short video showing how to install modules into Ignition.  You can watch the video or read on to learn how:

Alternatively, there are specific videos for each of the MQTT Modules for Ignition as well:

To install, browse to your Ignition Gateway's web UI and select 'Configure'.  The default URL is:

The default username / password when clicking 'Configure' is admin / password.  Once in the Configuration menu select 'Modules' under 'Configuration' on the left navigation bar.

Once in the modules page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Install or Upgrade a Module'

Once in the Install or Upgrade a module page, click the 'Choose File' button and browse to the MQTT Module to install.  Then click the Install button:

After clicking the Install button your will be asked to accept the license agreement.  If you accept, click the 'I accept' tick box and then click the 'Accept License' button.

You may also be asked to add the module's trusted certificate.  If so, click the 'Add Certificate and Install Module' button.

The modules should now be successfully installed and appear in the list.

Repeat the above steps for each module that you are installing.

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