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This document provides answers to frequently asked questions about the Chariot MQTT Server.

Where can I download Chariot?

You will find the latest Chariot downloads here: Chariot Downloads.

What is the recommended size of a VM or EC2 instance to run Chariot MQTT Server?

The Chariot MQTT Server runs best using a contemporary system with at least 4 CPU cores and 8GB of memory.

I'm upgrading my Chariot server hardware. Does this invalidate my existing license? 

Yes. You will need to temporarily deactivate your license before shutting down the Chariot server pre-upgrade. Next perform the server upgrade. Finally, activate your existing license by re-uploading and reactivating as shown here.

I have MQTT clients failing to connect over TLS/SSL with a "Handshake timeout, no data received" error. Can this SSL handshake timeout be increased?

Yes. Currently this configuration option is not available in the UI. First ensure you're running a Chariot version of 2.1.1 with a build date of 2021 May 13th or later (if not, upgrade). Next add the following line to the <Chariot_Install_Dir>/conf/com.cirruslink.chariot.server.config file.


This doubles the timeout from 1000 ms (1 sec) to 2000 ms (2 secs). Increase the timeout further if required.

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