Polled/live data

To publish polled/live data you will need MQTT Transmission installed with a Transmitter configured to point to the Tag Provider and Tag Path (optional) where the OPC tags are referenced.

Record data

Record data, such as Alarms, events and History, can be managed in a couple ways.

Using Common File Exchange (CFX)

If using Common File Exchange (CFX), the record data will be stored/maintained in CFX.MD5 files on the local Ignition instance. 

See the relevant ABB Totalflow Device Connection or Emerson ROC Device Connection configuration for more details. 

These files can be transferred from the Edge device using any method you choose such as FTP but can also be published using the MQTT Transmission File Publishing option.

To do this, you will need to configure an MQTT Transmission File Record and set the CFX File Transfer parameter to point to that File Record. The CFX files can then be automatically published.

Publish as an immutable record object 

Record data can be published as an immutable record object using an MQTT Transmission Transmitter.

If you do not have a Transmitter configured, create an MQTT Transmitter and set the Sparkplug Settings to the unique Group and Edge Node ID values generated by the Device Connection configuration.

If a Transmitter already exists, for example to publish the polled/live data, you can edit the Group and Edge Node IDs to match the existing Sparkplug Edge Node created by the Transmitter.

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