Build Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions on a MQTT Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM) infrastructure with the MQTT Engine Module and provide a path to deliver data to both operational and business applications while reducing data bandwidth. Utilize the MQTT publish and subscribe methodologies to inject data into industrial SCADA applications by enabling the MQTT Engine Module to connect the data from MQTT servers, creating an extremely efficient and robust IIoT architecture with Ignition.

With the MQTT Engine Module, polling at the host is no longer necessary; this solution uses edge gateways pushing the proprietary protocol polling to the edge of the SCADA network, creating one pipeline for all data, increasing throughput and efficiencies of data acquisition throughout an enterprise. This solution is especially useful for wide-area SCADA applications such as oil and gas pipeline controls and solutions with restricted or high-cost communications like VSAT or cellular.

More information including installation instructions can be found in the links below.

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