The EFM (Electronic Flow Meter) ABB Totalflow module is a protocol driver for the Ignition OPC UA module, by Inductive Automation. It communicates with ABB Totalflow meters. This includes, but not limited to Totalflow XSeries G3, G4, as well as NGC (i.e. Natural Gas Chromatograph). By using the EFM ABB Totalflow Module on the Ignition platform the Totalflow EFM data is polled and made available as tags within the OPC browser.

EFM ABB Totalflow Module uses A,A,R (i.e. Application, Array, Register) addresses to access data from standard and custom applications running on the flow computer. With the ability to load custom AAR libraries into the protocol module, custom configurations can be created and quickly replicated across entire populations of deployed devices.

The EFM ABB Totalflow Module also polls and gathers Alarm, Event, as well as Periodic and Daily History and QTR records for onward transmission to the enterprise or other flow calculation services.

More information including installation instructions can be found in the links below.

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