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MQTT Transmission supports custom tag properties to enable certain features. Creating custom properties on MQTT tags is a simple process and is no different than custom properties on any other Ignition tag (as documented here).

Custom Tag Properties


Name: ExcludeFromPayload

Type: Boolean

Action: Controls whether or not a tag is included in Transmission Sparkplug message payloads.

Prior to v4.0.16, UDTs are not supported.

From v4.0.16 onward when applied to a UDT, the UDT definition will not be added to the NBIRTH payload. If a nested UDT definition has the 'ExcludeFromPayload' property is set to 'true', the parent UDT will also be excluded from payload.


Name: StoreAndForward

Type: Boolean

Action: Controls whether or not a tag is stored in a configured HistoryStore when Transmission is offline.

This property works together with the Enable History Storage by Default property set in MQTT Transmission under the Settings > Transmitters > History Settings tab. If added to a tag and set to the reverse of the global parameter, it will override the global setting for that specific tag.

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