MQTT Recorder automatically creates a known set folders containing tags for Recorder Control and the table below describe these tags.

MQTT Recorder Control

Signature Validation

These tags allow you to confirm that the data in the database has been written using the appropriate hashing algorithm  


Data Type


Request Hashing AlgorithmString

A writeable tag that sets the requested hashing algorithm to compare database data against

Request Index EndLongThe last record index to use in the comparison 
Request Index StartLongThe first record index to use in the comparison
Request PasswordStringThe password for the database 
Request Table NameStringThe table name containing the records
ResultDatasetAn array containing a set of validation results for each record
Result value > indexLong ArrayThe record index
Result value > signatureString ArrayThe record signature
Result value > validatedBoolean ArrayThe result indicating that the record signature matches the request signature
Result value > errorString ArrayA message detailing any errors that occurred when performing the validation
StatusStringA message to indicate the success or failure of the database query. If this status returns Success, the Result dataset will contain the validation result for each record.
ValidateBooleanA writeable tag that triggers the validation to occur
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