MQTT Distributor automatically creates a known set folders containing tags for Distributor Control and Distributor Info.

The tables below describe these tags.

Distributor Control

NameData TypeDescription
EnabledBooleanA writeable tag that controls whether MQTT Distributor is enabled 

Distributor Info

NameData TypeDescription
Connected ClientsIntegerThe number of the MQTT Clients currently connected
Keep Inactive ClientsBooleanA writeable tag that controls whether to include inactive clients in Distributor Info tags (available 4.0.18 onward)
MQTT Clients


String Array

String Array

String Array

Boolean Array

DateTime Array

DateTime Array

A dataset containing information about each connected client (available 4.0.18 onward). The following Column Names are included the dataset:



IP Address


Last Connect Time

Last Disconnect Time

Total ClientsIntegerThe total number of clients that have connected since the last MQTT Distributor restart (available 4.0.18 onward)
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