Details about the MQTT Clients connected at Engine can be found in the Engine Info > MQTT Clients folder in the MQTT Engine tag provider where a tag path is created for each Server Setting configured



Data Type


Connected NodesIntegerNumber of currently connected Sparkplug Edge Nodes to this MQTT Client 
Enable Latency CheckIntegerWritable tag to enabled message latency checking for each MQTT Client 
Message Processing Latency (ms)IntegerThe amount of time to process the last Sparkplug message
Messages Per SecondIntegerThe number of MQTT messages received by Engine per second 
MQTT Client IDStringThe Client ID for the MQTT Client
Offline DateTimeDateTimeThe last time at which the MQTT Client successfully disconnected from the MQTT Server
OnlineBooleanA read-only tag showing the connection status of the MQTT Client
Online DateTimeDateTimeThe last time at which the MQTT Client successfully connected to the MQTT Server
Server Latency (ms)IntegerThe amount of time that it takes for a test MQTT message to be sent and received back by MQTT Engine
Target Server URLStringThe URL of the target MQTT Server to connect to

Executing the code below in the Ignition Script Console will print out the details for each MQTT Client for review:

clients = system.tag.browseTags(parentPath="[MQTT Engine]Engine Info/MQTT Clients", tagType="Folder", recursive=False)
index = 0
count = 0

while index < len(clients):
    data = []
    tagPath = str(clients[index]).split("/")
    data.append(["Server Name", tagPath[len(tagPath)-1]])
    data.append(["MQTT Client ID", system.tag.readBlocking(str(clients[index]) + "/MQTT Client ID")[0].value])
    data.append(["Online", system.tag.readBlocking(str(clients[index]) + "/Online")[0].value])
    data.append(["Online DateTime", system.tag.readBlocking(str(clients[index]) + "/Online DateTime")[0].value])
    data.append(["Primary Host ID", system.tag.readBlocking(str(clients[index]) + "/Primary Host ID")[0].value])
    data.append(["Target Server URL", system.tag.readBlocking(str(clients[index]) + "/Target Server URL")[0].value])
    data.append(["Number of Connected Sparkplug Edge Nodes", system.tag.readBlocking(str(clients[index]) + "/Connected Nodes")[0].value])

    if system.tag.readBlocking(str(clients[index]) + "/Online")[0].value:
  		count = count + 1		      
    print data
    index = index + 1
print ("Number of MQTT Clients: " + str(len(clients)))
print ("Number of connected MQTT Clients: " + str(count))

Example result from the Engine Info > MQTT Clients above

[['Server Name', 'Chariot SCADA'], ['MQTT Client ID', u'ME-d631ab45-4466-42f0'], ['Online', True], ['Online DateTime', Tue Sep 26 08:58:59 CDT 2023], ['Primary Host ID', None], ['Target Server URL', u'tcp://localhost:1883'], ['Number of Connected Sparkplug Edge Nodes', 2]]
[['Server Name', 'Second MQTT Server'], ['MQTT Client ID', u'ME-9a13f3b9-b9e4-4c6f'], ['Online', False], ['Online DateTime', None], ['Primary Host ID', None], ['Target Server URL', u'tcp://'], ['Number of Connected Sparkplug Edge Nodes', 0]]
Number of MQTT Clients: 2
Number of connected MQTT Clients: 1

For additional details on the connected Sparkplug Edge Nodes review How do I know how many Sparkplug EdgeNodes are connected at MQTT Engine

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