The Azure Injector has a Push Policy property that can be used to increase the throughput of the Injector.

The Push Policy defines which endpoints to push to.

  • If PUSH_TO_ALL is selected, every endpoint that is part of this set will receive all messages.
  • If PUSH_TO_ANY is selected, only one of the endpoints that is part of this set will receive any given message. 

Additional endpoints will need to be added to your Azure IoT Hub, IoT Edge, Event Hub or IoT Central to take advantage of the PUSH_TO_ANY policy

As an example, three end points configured and five messages published:

  • With PUSH_TO_ALL, all three end points will receive all five messages (3x5 = 15)
  • With PUSH_TO_ANY, only one of the end points, and it could be anyone, will get a message (1x5 = 5)

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