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Whilst we run rigorous testing for each of our releases, we always recommend that you thoroughly test new versions in a test environment before releasing to production

Chariot Releases

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  • AWS Marketplace support
  • Fixed an issue with auto-reconnect for Bridge Client on keep alive timeout
  • Fixed an issue with handling of QoS 0 PUBLISH on recently disconnected client sessions
  • AWS Marketplace support

  • Client-side certificate support
  • Fixed issue with repeated failed client auth attempts causing too many open file descriptors
  • Fixed issue where log messages might not appear in the UI
  • Added MQTT server bridging to/from other MQTT servers
  • Improved closing of socket connections to clients on shutdown
  • Improved error handling on failure to load Java KeyStore
  • Server no longer needs manual restart after SSL/TLS certs are updated
  • Better logging for the server's WebSocket listener startup failures
  • Added protection to prevent "admin" role from being removed from "admin" user
  • MQTT Clients now get disconnected when their credentials are changed
  • Removed default 'anonymous' MQTT Credential. Anonymous MQTT connections can now pub/sub on # by default.
  • Support for new Tahu version 1.0.0 and new Sparkplug B features/changes
  • Fixed issue with retained LWT messages not getting stored when published by the server
  • Fixed rare issue with disconnect packet handling causing deadlock
  • Fixes for detecting maximum outbound message queues for clients
  • No new features
  • Fix for issue with authorization of LWT topics
  • Fix for issue with updates to retained LWT messages
  • Added disconnect of clients with credential change
  • No new features
  • Fix for issue with delivery of LWT messages with empty payloads
  • No new features
  • Fix for small memory leak scaling with # of client connections since last server start
  • Improvements to SSL/TLS client connection handling
  • Updated JVM to Amazon Corretto 11
  • Fix for performance issues with logging under heavy load
  • Sparkplug Edge Node and Host ACL generation tool for MQTT clients
  • Sparkplug Edge Node Historical Metric tracking
  • Sparkplug Edge Node Compression sampling
  • Sparkplug Edge Node and Device Birth payload viewing
  • MQTT client throughput tracking
  • MQTT over WebSocket support
  • Alert disabling, and new alerts
  • Improved performance under heavy logging
  • Fixes for handling of Expired License state
  • Initial release of Chariot v2.0.0
  • Known issue that Chariot is unable to handle heavy load when installed on Windows and TLS is enabled
  • Initial beta release of Chariot v2.0.0
  • Known issue that Chariot is unable to handle heavy load when installed on Windows and TLS is enabled
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