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  • Knowledge of Ignition and Module installation process: Cirrus Link Module Installation
  • Install Ignition on an 'host/backend' system
    • This must be a 'full version' of Ignition (i.e. not Ignition Edge)
    • Install the following MQTT Modules
      • MQTT Distributor
        • v4.0.X if using Ignition 8.0.x
      •  MQTT Engine
        • v4.0.6 or later while later while using Ignition 8.0.13 and beyond . (See see Engine and Ignition versions compatibility compatibility pages).
  • Install Ignition on an 'edge' system
    • This can be a 'full version' of Ignition or Ignition Edge
    •  Install the following MQTT Modules
      •  MQTT Transmission


Transmission is an MQTT module for Ignition that can publish files using MQTT Sparkplug. This tutorial shows how to configure MQTT Transmission to publish files from one Ignition system to another. Files are transferred using Sparkplug over MQTT. The files which get transferred and when they get transferred can be configured in a number of different ways.