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Chariot MQTT Server is a MQTT 3.1.1 compliant MQTT server.  It is capable of providing a functional replacement for MQTT Distributor in larger scale deployments.  It can be installed as a virtual machine on a private network or in the cloud via Amazon AWS EC2.  It comes with a two hour renewable trial period.  It can also be set up with a license key from Cirrus Link to enable it permanently.  Chariot MQTT Server provides a web based administration page for enabling and limiting user access to the MQTT server via an Access Control List (ACLs).  It supports TLS security and username/password authentication in addition to ACLs for client authorization.

More information including installation instructions can be found in the links below.

  • Chariot MQTT Server Installation
    • Step by step instructions to install Chariot MQTT Server in Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 or on premises in a Virtual Machine
  • Chariot MQTT Server Configuration
    • Configuration guide for the Chariot MQTT Server
  • Chariot MQTT Server Tutorials/Howtos
    • All tutorials and howtos for the Chariot MQTT Server