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The SiteWise Engine module for the Inductive Automation's Ignition Industrial Application Platform is designed to securely interface to Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT SiteWise managed service, automatically discover all their assets, and automatically create the asset models in a proper Ignition tag structure with all asset property values. Once discovered, all tags will be updated with current values in real time. At that point customers can create Ignition Perspective dashboards from the resulting tags.

SiteWise Engine can be used in conjunction with Cirrus Link's IoT Bridge for AWS SiteWise which can take Sparkplug data via an MQTT Server and automatically insert it into AWS IoT SiteWise. IoT Bridge for SiteWise can be installed with a free trial at AWS Marketplace. More information on IoT Bridge can be found here.

IoT Bridge for SiteWise performs the following functions.

  • Connects to AWS SiteWise to do the following
    • Automatically queries AWS IoT SiteWise Asset Model's and uses that data to automatically create Ignition UDT definitions.
    • Automatically queries AWS IoT SiteWise Asset's and uses that data to automatically create Ignition UDT instances.
    • Automatically polls AWS IoT SiteWise to update UDT member values in Ignition

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